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SEO Is Not Magic, But It Is Important To Understand It

Dakota Web Creations in Fargo, ND provides SEO, or Search Engine Optimization services.  Maybe you have heard of it, or even received e-mails from people claiming they can get your site to the top of the search engines. If you believe that I have a bridge I can sell you too!  SEO is a science, but unlike normal sciences, the rules change frequently and often on the internet, and a good developer will stay on top of these changes and trends.

Just because you have a website, and it is finally published live on the internet does not mean that it will automatically rank high in the major search engines. A search engine doesn't rank a site on it's look, but there is hundreds of different criteria they utilize when ranking a site. A good developer will use this criteria when designing a website.

SEO is a process of creating proper coding and formatting of unique and relevant text, in conjunction with site traffic, links, popularity, etc.  It is not easy to do, it requires constant attention and tweaking, and most of all it takes time.  Changes made for SEO purposes will not impact a sites ranking over night.  Google, Bing! and other search engines need to index the changes and re-index each time a new bot visits your site.

There are differences between a designer and a developer. A lot of designers can create very nice eye appealing sites with their graphical skills, but this will not help with the search engines. On the other hand, there are a lot of developers who understand the search engine algorithms, but are graphically challenged. That is why it is important to find a company like Dakota Web Creations who can provide both.

There are no "quick" solutions to getting great search engine rankings. Time is a major factor, so be wary of anyone soliciting you with promises for instant results. Remember this-these companies do not own the search engines, so how can they guarantee top placement? Dakota Web Creations will tell you the truth up front, and discuss with you how we plan to develop your search engine friendly site, and what it will take to make it found on the internet. Contact us today to start your journey to having a successful website presence.

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