Measuring Website Performance

Accurately Measuring Your Websites Performance Is Critical

Website success is measured in many different ways.  Some track the number of sales directly from the website.  Some measure the amount of traffic the site receives and the logistics of those visitors.  The bottom line is you need to have a predetermined vision of what your site should do and how to measure that.

Your measurement should be determined by what your online goal is.  If it is to get traffic, what do you want that traffic to do?  Do you want to instill the option to visit your physical business?  Do you want them to find information only on your goods and services?  Or maybe you hope they buy your products online if you offer e-commerce.  Whatever it is, you must have this predetermined.

You should be measuring your traffic and trying to capture information from visitors, such as how they found your website, and whether or not if they bought your goods and services because of your website.  You will be amazed to hear how many times people have selected a merchant over others based on the look of the website!

In the end you need to know why you want to have a website and what your expectations are for it.  Dakota Web Creations can help you lay out some ideas and measurable goals for you and your websites expectations.  Contact us today to start your journey to having a successful website presence!

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