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Smart Marketing Of Your Website Leads To Success!

You have a website, but how do you successfully market it?  There are many ways, but you need to be smart, focused and have a clear objective in mind when doing it.  One way to market your website is to include it in every single piece of marketing collateral you produce, including e-mail signatures.  Include it on your ads, in your mail pieces, stationery, on your business cards, etc.

Put your website on your business clothing, including polo's and dress shirts.  Make sure to have it added in radio spots-a good website address is a lot easier to remember instead of a phone number while driving and listening to the radio.

One thing I have yet to figure out are people that advertise their business on their vehicles, but list their phone number and not a website address.  Same as listening to the radio; if I read a website address for a lawn service company on the side of their trucks, I am more likely to remember that then trying to remember their phone number.

Effective marketing campaigns should include your website address every time.  This additional exposure is cheap and effective, and can add literally thousands of new potential clientele as visitors to your website.  Make sure that your website is designed to keep these new visitors on your site and make them return on a frequent basis.  Contact us today to see how Dakota Web Creations can help you market your business on the internet!

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