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Dakota Web Creations Provides Custom Professional Logo Designs

Logos are the number one identifier of a company.  Logos are simple yet powerful marketing tools.  A logo is supposed to invoke a reaction or feeling, based on the use of the logo in advertising.  There are many logos used worldwide that millions of consumers can identify in an instant as to what their products and services offered are.  Coca-ColaTM, the NFLTM, FordTM, MicrosoftTM, and BudweiserTM are just a few products that use highly recognized logo's.

A well designed logo will generate interest in your goods and services, and may become more memorable than a company name itself.  Dakota Web Creations creates logos that are designed to represent your core business model and at the same time have the artistic flair and design that enables your company to stand out from your competition.

There are many different ways to use a logo, and to use it properly.  Logo's need to be cross-functional, which means they need to be used on a website, in magazines, in media such as TV and newspaper, and of course promotional materials such as clothing.  These points are further outlined below:


  • Your logo should appear somewhere on your website.  This not only validates your website, but ties in the business to the website.  Visitors to a website are looking for a feeling of comfort and professionalism when looking for goods and services online.  A quality logo will give them a level of comfort that they seek.

Printed Materials.

  • Your logo should be in all printed media, from brochures to business cards to letterhead.  This logo is a visual branding of your business, and creates a response within the reader that tells them you have a reliable and professional business.  A professionally designed logo that appears on your brochure will immediately brand your brochure, and the reader will tie in the logo to the information provided on the brochure.

Print Media.

  • Imagine looking at a FordTM Truck print ad without their logo in it.  You still know what they are selling by reading the print, but if the logo was present you would instantly know what the ad is about.  The same goes for your advertising.  If you place print ads in magazines or newspapers, make sure you promote your business properly by including your logo.

TV Media.

  • If you have the opportunity to promote your business on television, ensure that the video production company has a high resolution logo of yours to use.  This logo should appear as often as possible throughout the show.  As with print advertising, your logo puts an impressionable brand on the consumers memory.

When a business needs a logo, we work first to understand your product, service, target audience and personal likes and tastes such as colors and fonts.  Our designers have flair, imagination and most of all the experience to design a logo that you would be proud to show off.  Contact us today to discuss your logo needs.

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